My good friend “stinky” was giving me hassle about not having anything he can wear in my store so to make him shut up for once I put together the Mr. Butler boxer briefs. I named them after two Gentlemen who just make me swoon :).

I decided that since it is the time for giving I would make Mr. Butler mod/trans so that you can give it as a gift. Each colour only costs 20L$ (50L$ for all three colours) so it makes the perfect stocking filler. Each pack also includes male and female versions because I am terribly guilty of “ahem” borrowing  certain people’s clothes for using as lounge wear and I know I am not the only one. Please note that the first two pics in this post are photoshopped and the colours of the items differ from those shown. The third pic shows the unedited items.

I realise that not everyone wants a male and female set, so if you would prefer two male or two female versions just send me (Annabelle Couturier) an IM or NC and I will sort that out for you.

On a side note, remember to pick up your Christmas gifts from under the tree at the store and join the subscriber group to receive three more colours of the Eira lingerie on the 22nd of December.

Credits for pics 1 & 2

On Him

Skin: Belleza

Piercing: House of Darcy

Tattoo: By Annabelle Couturier (not available to buy)

Underwear: Cannibelle

Jewellery: Gabriel

On Her:

Skin: Illusory

Hair: Truth

Eyeshadow: Kyoot

Eyelashes: Petticoat Lane

Jewellery: League

Tattoo: Cannibelle

Underwear: Cannibelle